Top 5 Most popular places to visit

Top 5 Most popular places to visit

Top 5 places to visit in Norway

If it is your first time in Norway and you are not sure where you should go, we can help out. This are our top 5 places you should visit when you are coming to Norway:

1. The Lofoten Islands

You'll never forget your first time visiting to the Lofoten Islands. The archipelago offers a breathtaking scenery, impressive alpine mountain peaks, deep Fjords and beautiful fishing villages. A great place to visit and stay with a camper van.

Lofoten Islands

2. Bergen

Bergen is the second biggest city of Norway. The town is scattered over seven hills alongside the Atlantic. In the early 1400 a.C. Bergen was an important trade port with the Hanseatic League. You still can breath its history while visiting the wharf.

Bergen with a camper

3. The Geirangerfjord

The Geirangerfjord is maybe the most beautiful of its kind. It is surrounded by steep snow covered mountains and is well know for its deep blue water color. Since 2005 the Fjord is UNESCO-protected.


4. Oslo

Oslo has over 650.000 inhabitants and is the capital of Norway. Most iconic for the city became the new opera building down by the harbor. Along the Karl Johans Gate you will find the Kings Castle, National Theater and the Oslo Main Station.

Oslo Opera Building

5. Preikestolen

Located in the Lysefjord you will find the famous Pulpit Rock also known as Prekestolen. For many visitors it is a must-see attraction. You can reach this mountain plateau that hangs over 600 meters above sea level by a two hour easy hike.


Preikestolen the Rock

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