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Crash Course in Norwegian

Crash Course in Norwegian

Learn to Express Yourself in Norwegian when you are on the road!

Whether you're journeying to see the breathtaking fjords, the Northern Lights, or the bustling city life of Oslo, traveling to Norway is bound to be an experience of a lifetime. Yet, every trip can be even more enriching when you're able to converse in the local language.

Learning some basic Norwegian phrases can truly enhance your travel experience, helping you connect with the locals, understand their culture better, and navigate your way around more smoothly. So, let's dive into some simple day-to-day Norwegian phrases that will add a golden touch to your Norwegian adventure!

Oslo Opera House

Crash Course in Norwegian

Greetings and Basic Courtesy:

  • Hello! - Hei!
  • Good morning! - God morgen!
  • Good afternoon! - God ettermiddag!
  • Good night! - God natt!
  • Goodbye! - Ha det!
  • Please. - Vær så snill.
  • Thank you! - Takk!
  • You're welcome! - Vær så god!
  • Excuse me... - Unnskyld...

Getting to Know People:

  • What's your name? - Hva heter du?
  • My name is... - Jeg heter...
  • Nice to meet you! - Hyggelig å møte deg!
  • How are you? - Hvordan går det?
  • I'm fine, thanks! - Det går bra, takk!

Food and Dining:

  • I'm hungry. - Jeg er sulten.
  • Do you have a menu in English? - Har du en meny på engelsk?
  • I would like to order... - Jeg vil gjerne bestille...
  • Water, please. - Vann, vær så snill.
  • Cheers! - Skål!

Travel and Directions:

  • Where is...? - Hvor er...?
  • Can you help me? - Kan du hjelpe meg?
  • I'm lost. - Jeg har gått meg vill.
  • Is it far from here? - Er det langt herfra?
  • Where is the nearest...? - Hvor er nærmeste...?

Emergency Phrases:

  • Help! - Hjelp!
  • Call the police! - Ring politiet!
  • I need a doctor. - Jeg trenger en lege.
  • I don't feel well. - Jeg føler meg ikke bra.

Camper Related Phrases:

  • My vehicle has broken down. - Kjøretøyet mitt har brutt sammen.
  • I have a flat tire. - Jeg har en punktert dekk.
  • I need a mechanic. - Jeg trenger en mekaniker.
  • Where is the nearest gas station? - Hvor er nærmeste bensinstasjon?
  • Do you have a map? - Har du et kart?
  • Which way to the camping ground? - Hvilken vei til campingplassen?
  • I need parts for my camper van. - Jeg trenger deler til bobilen min.
  • Can you tow my vehicle? - Kan du taue kjøretøyet mitt?
  • My camper van needs a service. - Bobilen min trenger en service.
  • I need to recharge the battery of my camper van. - Jeg trenger å lade batteriet til bobilen min.

Swear words:

  • Damn! - Faen!
  • Shit! - Dritt!
  • For hell's sake! - For helvete!
  • Oh crap! - Å, pokker!
  • Bloody...! - Jævla...!


While this guide doesn't cover everything, these basic Norwegian phrases should give you a good start and serve you well in daily interactions during your trip to Norway. Remember, Norwegians greatly appreciate when tourists make an effort to speak their language, and these phrases can serve as excellent icebreakers to make your journey more memorable and personal.

Don't worry about perfect pronunciation, the goal is to enjoy your trip and connect with the locals. With practice and real-life application, you'll become more comfortable with these phrases and potentially prompt you to dive deeper into the beautiful Norwegian language. Lykke til! (Good luck!)