Top 5 wild life experiences

Top 5 wild life experiences

1. Whale Watching

Norway is the place to go on a successful whale watching trip. You can join guided tours from Andenes or Tromsø in the North of Norway. Usually Humpbacks whales and Oscars can be encountered. Check out our detailed tour description.

Whale Watching Norway

2. Musk Ox Safari

Wild living Musk Ox can be found in several places in Norway.  The best known is the Dovrefjell  National Park. To approach those animals a professional Musk Ox Safari should be booked.

Musk ox safari

3. Polar Zoo

Visit the Polar Zoo in Northern Norway and encounter Lynx, Wolfs or Bears. All this animals are also living in the Norwegian wilderness but are hardly to spot. You will also be able to see Mooses , Muskox and Arctic Foxes.

Polar Zoo in Northern Norway

4. Puffin Rock

Norway is a great place for bird watcher. Up in the North you are able to observe the King Eider, in Lofoten you have big chances to spot white-tailed eagles. On the island of Bleiksøya you can watch Puffins.

Whale Watching Norway

5. King Crab Diving

Far up North in Finnmark you can participate on a King Crab Safari. Those animals are not native in the Northern Atlantic. Russian scientist started to release these crabs into the Murmansk Fjord in 1960s.

King Crab Diving

Wild life in Norways Nature

Of course by driving trough Norway you will already encounter wild animals. Norway is well known for its moose and reindeer population. You will be also able to spot eagles, wolverines, wolf and with a bit of luck brown or black bears. In Northern Norway (Lofoten and Andøya) you have the chance to watch whales from the coast lines. In spring time you have Orca families hunting herring in the region of Reine - Lofoten. All along Norways coast and in the mountains you have a big variation of different birds. Most of them are migrating birds some of them are staying all year long. Almost impossible to spot but existing in Northern Norway is the Lynx, last time seen in Lyngen Alps in the state of Troms.

Reindeers in Norway

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