Northern Lights by camper van

Northern Lights by camper van

Northern Lights by Camper van
Northern Lights by RV
Northern Lights by Mobilehome

Yes, it sounds adventures and it is adventures. But chasing the Northern Lights in a camper van up in Northern Norway is giving you the biggest chances to see the Aurora Borealis so often as possible. The simple fact that you are flexible and you can follow the good weather by taking your apartment with you is increasing your chances dramatically. Because what you need beside Northern Lights activity is a clear sky. The Northern Lights are happening above the clouds.

Another advantage by hunting the Lights in a camper van is pretty simple. You are staying where the Aurora Borealis is happening - outside! You are not trapped in a Hotel - you are sleeping outdoors. You only need to jump into your shoes and jacket and you are entering the stage of the Aurora.

Many professional photographers are choosing the camper van for their successful Northern Lights travel. Very popular places to start such an camper van adventure are the Lofoten Islands or the so called capital of Northern Lights - Tromsø.


10 facts & tipps for hunting the Northern Lights in a camper:

  1. You can see them from the September - April
  2. Follow the good weather forecast with your camper
  3. Park / sleep in areas with little artificial light so you see them stronger since it is darker
  4. When they appear on the sky you are already outside when you stay in a camper
  5. You can prepare food, coffee or tea while waiting for the lights
  6. You can stay 24 hours on one place an chase them instead staying in Hotel
  7. Rent a camper with a parking heater, since it could become cold in Winter.
  8. Bring a camera with the ability of long time exposure and a tripod.
  9. You will find the Northern Light activity on this website.
  10. Check out the best Aurora spots in Norway, Sweden and Finnland on this website.

What are acutally the Northern Lights?

It sounds pretty tough to go camping in winter times in the polar region. But if you do this prepared and you choose the right options you will have a good time. Check out our winter camping description for further details and tips. 

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