North of the Sun – Lofoten

North of the Sun – Lofoten

The movie of the two Norwegian surfer & film makers “North of the Sun” is already some years old. But still it is inspiring many visitors to start their own adventure while visiting Norway. Many people are doing the hike into the hidden bay of Kvalvika in Lofoten. With a bit of searching you will find the driftwood cabin build by Inge Wegge (25) and Jørn Ranum (22) back in 2011. Here they spent 9 month in the Norwegian winter. Picking up trash, surfing and living on expired food the stores would otherwise have thrown away.

There movie has won many outdoor and surf film festivals around the globe. The starting point for the hike into the bay of Kvalvika is on the Lofoten island Moskenesøya.


Here you can watch the movie in full as video on demand.

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