Norway Life Hack for Coffee Addicts

Norway Life Hack for Coffee Addicts

Circle K Coffee Cup Subscription

If you’re a coffee enthusiast planning a road trip through Norway, we have a fantastic life hack for you to ensure you stay caffeinated throughout your journey. Consider purchasing a Circle K coffee cup at the start of your trip. This cup comes with a coffee subscription that you can use at all Circle K gas stations, which are among the most prevalent in Norway.

The quality of the coffee at most Circle K gas stations is surprisingly good. You can expect fresh-ground beans and a strong espresso, Americano, or cappuccino to suit your taste. With the Circle K coffee cup subscription, you can indulge in as much coffee as you desire during your Norwegian road trip. This is not only a convenient way to get your caffeine fix, but it also allows you to experience a popular aspect of Norwegian culture and life on the go.

In 2023 a subscription for a standard cup costs 299 NOK.

Even the smallest town beyond the Arctic Circle has its own version of Starbucks, ensuring your coffee fix is never too far away.


Read more about it here (in Norwegian)

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