Ferry & Toll Roads in Norway

Ferry & Toll Roads in Norway

Norway: the land of fjords, Vikings, and – you guessed it – ferries. Yes, ferries are as Norwegian as pickled herring or politely avoiding small talk. And with a coastline longer than your favorite Norwegian black metal band's discography, you're bound to hop onto a ferry at some point. It's all part of the genuine Norwegian experience, or as we like to call it, the 'ferry-tale' adventure!

Navigating the vast network of ferries can seem more intimidating than a Viking warrior, but fear not, dear traveler. With a dash of humor, a splash of patience, and the right information, you'll be ferry-hopping like a local in no time.

Now, if you're planning on an epic Norwegian odyssey, you might want to make friends with AutoPASS. This nifty little box is your golden ticket to rolling onto any ferry in the country like you own the place. AutoPASS is basically the Norwegian version of the Monopoly 'Bank error in your favor' card - except the error is intentional, and instead of collecting $200, you collect seamless, fuss-free ferry rides.

Auto Pass Norway

Here's some great news for our road warriors: most car rental and camper van rental companies in Norway provide their vehicles equipped with AutoPASS. That means you can start your adventure straight away without worrying about procuring your own AutoPASS.

Not only does AutoPASS cover your ferry fares, but it also takes care of any toll roads you might encounter on your journey. Instead of being hit with multiple tiny invoices that could rival a swarm of Norwegian midges, AutoPASS will group all your charges together into one convenient invoice. However, it's important to note that not everything is covered by your new best friend AutoPASS. Some private roads and very long and expensive ferries might not accept AutoPASS, so do keep some Norwegian Kroner handy just in case!

Once you have AutoPASS, you simply roll onto the ferry, find a spot, and do your best imitation of a relaxed Norwegian (hint: it involves a lot of calm gazing at the stunning fjords). Then, when you're ready, you just roll off again. No need to worry about payment on the spot, no fishing for coins in your pockets, and definitely no practicing your Norwegian to ask where you pay. AutoPASS has got you covered!

So, equip yourself with AutoPASS and a sense of adventure, and let the Norwegian 'ferry-tale' begin! And remember: in the wise words of a Norwegian seafarer, "There's no such thing as bad ferry weather, just bad coffee." (We made that up, but it sounds Norwegian enough, right?)


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