Campsites in Norway

Campsites in Norway

Official Campsites

Since the Norwegians are very big camping enthusiasts you will find a great infrastructure all over the country. Most of the campsites are located in beautiful surroundings. Every bigger town has a campsite to offer. Mostly all of the campsites are open all year long, but you should check before you are planing a trip in winter. You will find several websites and apps offering a map based directory for campsites:

If you want to sleep for a night in a real bed, you have very often the possibility to rent a small cabin on the campsite.

Wild Campsites

Staying the night on a wild campsite is good for your travel budget. No fees have to be payed. Since you have the freedom to roam in Norway, you can park your camper freely in the nature for the night – so long you are following the rules. If you do not want to hunt for your own wild camp spot you can use the following websites to find the perfect spot for the night:

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