Camper Rental in Norway

Camper Rental in Norway

If you are not able to visit Norway with your own camper van or you come from abroad, worry not! You can easily rent a camper van at several locations throughout the country. This will allow you to fully immerse yourself in Norway’s enchanting beauty, as you embark on an unforgettable journey through its breathtaking landscapes.

Diverse Camper Rental Options to Suit Your Needs

Norway offers an impressive range of camper rental options, catering to various preferences and budgets. Whether you’re a solo adventurer, a couple seeking a romantic getaway, or a family looking to create cherished memories, there’s a perfect camper van waiting for you. Choose from compact and cozy Mini Campers, iconic Volkswagen Camper Vans, or spacious and luxurious RVs to find the ideal vehicle for your Norwegian escapade.

Popular Starting Points for Your Norwegian Camper Adventure

Most travelers kick off their camper trips from the bustling capital city of Oslo in the south or the picturesque city of Tromsø in the north. Both locations boast a variety of camper rental companies, making it convenient for you to begin your journey. As you traverse the country, you’ll be captivated by the dramatic fjords, rugged coastlines, and serene forests that make Norway truly unique.

One-Way Rentals: A Convenient Option for Time-Limited Travelers

If you’re pressed for time or prefer not to retrace your steps, some camper rental companies in Norway offer one-way rentals between Oslo and Tromsø. This service provides the convenience of starting your adventure in one city and ending in another, allowing you to cover more ground and explore even more of the country’s awe-inspiring sights.

Maximize Your Norwegian Experience with Camper Rental Services

To make your camper rental experience as smooth as possible, numerous companies have optimized their online presence for search engines. By searching for terms like “camper rental Norway” or “camper van hire Oslo,” you’ll easily find a wealth of options to choose from. Browse through customer reviews, compare prices, and select the best fit for your needs, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable Norwegian adventure.

In Conclusion

Renting a camper van in Norway opens up a world of possibilities for those coming from abroad or without access to their own mobile home. With a diverse range of camper rental options, popular starting points, and convenient one-way rental services, you’ll be well-equipped to embark on an unforgettable journey. As you explore the captivating landscapes of Norway, embrace the freedom of the open road and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Camper Van Rental Companies in Norway

In the diverse landscape of camper van rentals in Norway, there’s a distinct advantage in choosing a local provider. Many of these companies offer quality services, but the providers we present here stand out from the crowd due to their unique insights. These companies are owned and operated by Norwegians who are passionate about camping and have firsthand knowledge of the challenges that camping in Norway can present. Unlike larger European brands, which often offer the same type of camper van in Spain as in Norway, these local providers recognize that one size does not fit all. They’ve experienced Norway’s unique terrain and weather conditions themselves and design their offerings accordingly. We’ve encountered many international rental vans on the road, particularly in winter, that face challenges in the harsh Norwegian environment.


Arctic Campers

Arctic Campers, based in Norway, has established itself as a leading entity in the camper rental industry since its inception in 2014. With its diverse fleet of camper vans and locations spread across Lofoten, Tromsø, and Oslo, the company facilitates access to various Norwegian landscapes, catering to a wide range of customer needs and preferences.

The company’s portfolio includes a range of vehicles, from compact mini campers to robust 4×4 variants, and even luxurious camper vans equipped with conveniences such as toilets and showers. This array of options positions Arctic Campers as a versatile service provider within the industry, catering to both adventure seekers and those desiring a more comfortable experience.

A unique aspect of Arctic Campers is the self-conversion of their vans. The company modifies these vehicles in-house, designing them specifically for the Norwegian environment, ensuring their suitability for year-round use. This includes preparing the vehicles for various weather conditions that can be experienced in Norway throughout the year.

Customer service is reportedly another strength of Arctic Campers, underpinned by their commitment to problem resolution. If an issue arises with a rented vehicle, the company policy is to deliver a replacement camper, thereby minimizing disruption to the customer’s travel plans.

The management and staff’s passion for camping and adventure also reflect in the services provided by Arctic Campers. With their experience and dedication, they aim to understand and meet the requirements of their customers effectively.

In summary, Arctic Campers’ service offering – from a range of camper options to their customer service approach – combined with their custom van conversions and strategic locations across Norway, contribute to their status as the largest camper rental in the country. This reputation is further supported by their growing customer base and years of operation in the market since 2014.

Arctic Campers Rental vans

Price range: from 1.200 – 1.800 NOK per rental day

Norway Campers

Norway Campers are truly the most affordable camper rental service in the country. With two convenient locations near the airports in Oslo and Tromsø, they are committed to making Norway budget-friendly for all travelers.

The variety of campers they offer is impressive, ranging from small, basic mini campers to larger, more luxurious VW bus-sized vans equipped with indoor kitchens and heaters. This diverse selection ensures there’s something suitable for everyone’s needs and budget.


Norway Campers Rental

Price range: from 750 – 1.300 NOK per rental day

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