Campers Paradise

Campers Paradise


Why is Norway the perfect camper destination?

There are several reasons why Norway became one of  the best destination for #vanlife and camper enthusiasts. Beside many other aspects this are the most obvious reasons:

Norway the right to roam

The right to roam

In Norway you have the right to roam anywhere in the countryside, as long as you keep at least 160 yards away from the nearest inhabited house or cabin. (read more)

Wild Nature of Norway

Wild untouched Nature

With its endless Fjords and mountains Norway belongs to one of the most scenic countries of Europe. Well maintained roads let you easily access nature and let you experince wild life.

Camping infrastructure

Traveling in a camper van has very big tradition in Norway. You will find many camp sites which are even maintained in winter times. (read more)

Camping Guide Norway

All year destination

You can visit Norway all year in a camper van. The roads are cleared of snow 24/7 and many camping places are open also in Winter. You can experience the Northern Lights or go skiing.  (read more)

Freedom to roam in Norway

Few people in a Big country

Norway has a coast line of 83,281 km - the 2. longest world wide. But only 5 million people are living in this big country. You have a good chance to park your camper somewhere on the Atlantic without having any direct neighbors. Be alone with nature, wind and the sunset

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